About Pirl



Annually over $500,000,000 in cash goes unclaimed with as many as 50% of people entitled to a refund, who fail to file a claim.

Each year hundreds of popular products are involved in litigation, class action settlements, and recalls. In 2014 alone, the Food and Drug Administration and the Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled over 8,000 products, for an average of more than 20 product recalls per day.

That’s the problem Pirl solves.

Pirl gets you the money that is rightfully yours, money that you probably know nothing about, and notifies you of recalls and litigation related to products that you may own. 

For over two decades the staff and contributors of Pirl have been in the trenches advocating for consumers -- for people! Every day, we comb the National databases and Court houses to give Pirl subscribers access to settled cases that owe you, the consumer, money.

The two opposite ends of that spectrum are the manufacturer or service provider who launch a problematic or defective service/product (Business). The other end, is the successful lawsuit conclusion that addresses the consumer’s needs resulting in a real financial recovery to US (Consumer). Pirl tracks the entire process from beginning to end to keep you and your family safe and informed.

From recalled products that lead to investigations, class actions, and settlements, Pirl watches over those who are too busy, or cannot watch out for themselves.

If not for you, consider a Pirl subscription for an elderly parent, your child who is buying their first car or home, or someone with young children of their own.

Recalls are another area that affect you too. LIFE SAVING HEALTH WARNINGS. Health warnings like outbreaks, contaminations, e-coli, listeria, Legionnaire’s disease, “super-Bug” or CRE bacteria outbreak, all which kill thousands annually in America. Recalls on consumer goods too -- baby Strollers that cut of fingers to suffocation. Airbags that malfunction killing people…Airlines, Facebook, twitter to snapchat privacy. Buying a car to a house -- over charges on the services contained, insurance required -- siding on the home is defective, and the list goes on and on.