Seventh Generation 'Natural' Products Misrepresentation

samantha severyn

In a class action lawsuit against Seventh Generation Inc. products, the plaintiff alleges the Seventh generation products were deceptively labeled, marketed, and advertised. The plaintiff alleges that labeling of certain products as “natural”, “non-toxic”, and “hypoallergenic” while containing non-natural ingredients is deceptive. “To the detriment of the consumer, the Products are not, in fact, natural,” according to the Seventh Generation class action lawsuit. “All of the Products include at least one or more of the following non-natural ingredients: benzisothiazolinone (‘BIT’), methylisothiazolinone (‘MIT’), laureth-6, sodium lauryl sulfate, lauramine oxide, sodium citrate, glycerin, and sodium hydroxide.”

Seventh Generation Inc. denies any wrong doing, however, has agreed to settle for $4.5 million to resolve this litigation.

If you purchased Seventh Generation products between Nov. 14, 2010 and Oct. 12, 2016, you may be eligible for payment from the class action settlement. 

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Potential Award: Varies dependent on the number of products you purchased and the type. Proof of purchase is not required, however, claimants who submit proof of purchase may be entitled to a higher payment than those who do not provide proof of purchase.

Deadline: 03/30/2017