Uber California ‘Safe Rides’ settlement at 32.5M

samantha severyn

In a California Federal class action against Uber for misleading consumers about its ‘safe ride’ fees and the quality of its drivers background checks, a 32.5 million settlement has been reached!

Originally two cases consolidated into one case on behalf of Uber passengers seeking restitution for every $1 Safe Rides fee charged to every Uber customer in the U.S.

Uber first added the $1 safe ride fee in April 2014 to help pay for its safety program which included drivers background checks and driving training programs. However, in the lawsuit Uber passengers had fought this fee because these background checks and driving training programs are not what they were advertised to be.

Uber had misleadingly represented their safety program as “industry leading.” However, in the lawsuit the passengers had cited many “unfortunate incidents” that had occurred to individuals while in Ubers Drivers care.  

After the 28.5-million-dollar deal was denied last year, a 32.5-million-dollar deal was agreed upon this year.

Another victory for Uber passengers!

Class Members eligible to claim settlement benefits include all persons who between Jan. 1, 2013 and Jan. 31, 2016 used the Uber app or website to hail a ride from one of the Uber services that charges an Uber safe rides fee. 

Deadline to File: 1/8/18


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