CA HSBC TCPA Violation

samantha severyn

Three class action lawsuits were brought on against the HSBC for recording phone calls without the consent or notification of consumers. Private phone calls with consumers where they would provide their social security number or credit card information.  This was a clear violation of the California Invasion of Privacy Act, which prohibits certain intentional recordings of phone conversations without the consent of all parties in on the conversation. Penalties for this violation include up to $5000 per call.

The HSBC has denied any fault, however, has agreed to pay out $13 Million to avoid the expenses and unpredictable outcome of an ongoing litigation.


Class Members include: “All persons in California who received a telephone call between March 23, 2009, and May 1, 2012, from or on behalf of HSBC Card Services Inc. and whose call was recorded or monitored by or on behalf of HSBC.”


Deadline to File a Claim: 8/28/17


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