FabFitFun Gift Cards Expired Violating Federal and State Laws

samantha severyn

According to the lawsuit filed in October 2016, Gift Cards received from FabFitFub and/or its sponsored vendors would expire violating certain state and federal gift card laws. “As a result, many consumers are left with gift cards that are valueless to them… Consequently, FabFitFun and its retail partners reap a substantial windfall from the sale and issuance of gift cards that are not used prior to the short-dated expiration, which is precisely the type of harmful conduct that state legislatures intended to prohibit by enacting legislation regulating the use of expiration dates on gift cards.”

FabFitFun denies all allegations, but has agreed to settle to avoid ongoing litigation and future expenses.

You qualify as a Class Member if you bought or received a gift card through FabFitFun or one of its vendors between January 1, 2013, and April 11, 2017, and the gift card had an expiration date that was earlier than the expiration period required under applicable federal and state gift card laws.

You could be awarded a gift card identical to the gift card that was originally distributed, except without an expiration date.

Deadline to File a Claim is October 6, 2017


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