Wish.com False Advertising Settlement

Stephanie Lair

A recent settlement agreement has been reached in the Wish.com class action. The class alleges that between June 16, 2013 and December 12, 2017, the online retailer listed fake “original” or “regular” prices on merchandise to increase the supposed discount on products. Lead plaintiffs also allege that they were tricked into paying more for products than they would have elsewhere because of Wish.com’s false advertising.

According to the settlement documents, there are potentially 22 million consumers who qualify as class members. Consumers with proof of purchase can receive up to $20 and those without proof of purchase can claim $3. Notifications have been sent out with individual's claim numbers, however, if you have not received a postcard with a claim number but feel you qualify for the class, you can still file a claim below.

Hurry, the deadline to file a claim is August 1, 2018.