Pokeman Go Festival Class Action

samantha severyn
pokemon go.jpg

Niantic Inc., makers of the popular App Pokeman Go, were sued following a Pokeman Go festival on July 22, 2017 after thousands of attendees could not access their Pokeman Go at the location of the festival in Chicago. 

According to the lawsuit, the event was advertised as the one-year anniversary celebration of one of the most popular mobile games, Pokeman Go. Attendees were led to believe, through advertisements, that they could link up with other attendees during the festival to play this game and win prizes through the app that were not available to those who did not attend the festival. 

The lawsuit stated that technical issues and other factors prevented the app from working properly during the festival. 

You are considered a class member if you had a valid ticket for the Pokeman Go Festival in Chicago, Illinois on July 22, 2017. 

Potential Award: To be determined. 

Deadline to file a claim: 7/24/18


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