MEI’s LifeTime Engine Guarantee

samantha severyn

In a lawsuit claiming that McGowen Enterprises Inc. (MEI) wrongly instructed and required warranty holders to use Castrol oil products for their covered vehicles, a settlement was reached! 

According the lawsuit, MEI provides a LifeTime Engine Guarantee which provides coverage for engines that suffer mechanical failure or abnormal wear. The warranty is meant to cover the engine for as long as the warranty holder owns the covered automobile; however, the warranty holder must maintain the automobile in accordance with certain standards, such as only using more expensive products including Castrol oil products. The lawsuit claims that the more expensive Castrol products are not necessary; however, because of the terms and conditions of the warranty customers are forced to pay higher prices these products. 

You qualify as a class member if you bought an automobile from MEI (formerly Car Sense Inc.), that also had the LifeTime Engine Guarantee from May 5, 2013 and Jan. 8, 2017.


The deadline to file a claim is July 2, 2018. 

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