CA & NY Scott’s Turf Builder EZ Seed Settlement

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In a lawsuit alleging EZ Seed® does not grow grass “50% Thicker With Half The Water” as advertised has settled to avoid further expenses and uncertainties with an ongoing litigation. 

Eligible class members include anyone who purchased any variety of Scotts EZ Seed bearing the 50% Thicker Claim between January 1, 2009 – September 30, 2014 in the state of California or New York. 

  • Settlement Class Members who submit valid Claim Forms with Proof of Purchase that does not reveal the purchase price will receive a payment of $15.00 for each such package up to six packages of product [Total of $90.00]

  • For Settlement Class Members who submit valid Claim Forms without Proof of Purchase, Scotts will pay up to $45.00, i.e., $15.00 each for up to three packages of Scotts EZ Seed [Total of $45].


Deadline to file is 12/4/18.


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