Soylent Energy Bars Causing Violent Illness

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As of September 7, 2016, reports on a discourse page on their company website, a customer who ingested Soylent Energy Bars has had terrible vomiting and diarrhea problems. The company who makes the energy bars has now issued a warning to not eat the bars and immediately discard any remaining bars customers may have in their possession. The origins of the food-borne illness are unknown at this time.
The company’s website claims it was started in Sunnyvale, California as a nutrition company, with a wide variety of products aimed at health-conscious consumers in search of easily consumable nutrition. 
According to the Soylent website discourse submission from this consumer, identified at “Raylingh”, at least 51 other people have had adverse reactions from eating the Energy Bars. 
The Soylent Energy Bars, just recently introduced to their food line in August of 2016, are designed, according to the company’s website to provide, “maximum nutrition with minimum effort”. 
Their website specifically promotes the bars as such: “Snack to the future with Soylent Bar, 12.5% of your daily nutritional requirements packed into a convenient and tasty bar. Plant-based and protein-rich, Soylent Bar makes the afternoon slump a thing of the past.” 
The affected consumer, “Raylingh,” has posted on the Soylent website the batch numbers found on his particular packaging:
•    "03:55 B. B. 14JUL17 F3 1966"
•    "04:04 B. B. 14JUL17 F3 1966"
Buzzfeed.com has posted pictures of the apparent offending packaging, causing some posters to theorize a possible heating/melting scenario which may have caused mold. This has not yet been proven. 
The Energy Bars appear to be manufactured in Oregon, at a plant that hasn’t been FDA health-inspected (Foodborne Biological Hazards Inspection) properly since 2014.
For consumers in all states and protectorates of the United States, the FDA suggests a phone call to their database to submit complaints and incidents, which can be found here: 
The company stands by their food products, according to the food site Extracrispy.com, and claim a minuscule percentage of their customers have complained about sickness related to the popular food bars, "the number of complaints we have received represents less than 0.03% of the number of bars we have sold."  
If you have been adversely affected by eating Soylent Energy Bars, we reach out to you, and urge you to contact us immediately with your story.

You can contact us at: soylent@mypirl.com