Ford Spark Plug Malfunctions

samantha severyn

You are a class member if you are a current or former owner and lessee of the following vehicles in the United States, if the vehicles have a 5.4 liter 3-valve engine: 2004-2008 Ford F-150 trucks, 2005-2008 Ford F-Super Duty trucks (e.g., F-250 and F-350), 2005-2008 Ford Expeditions, 2005-2008 Lincoln Navigators and 2006-2008 Lincoln Mark LTs (“Vehicles”).

The lawsuit alleges that Ford should have known that the two-piece spark plugs used in these engines were prone to become stuck and sometimes break in the engine during the removal process, making the spark plugs more difficult and expensive to remove. The defendant denies the allegations

Potential Award: 

Partial Reimbursement For Spark Plug Replacements Prior To 120,000 Miles Every Class Member who spent more than $300 in parts and labor to replace eight spark plugs (or $37.50 per replaced spark plug) in a Vehicle with less than 120,000 miles will be eligible for reimbursement (in the form of a check) on a percentage of the amount you paid over $300. The amount of reimbursement will depend upon the cost incurred by the Class Member, and by the documentation that the Class Member provides.

Class Members who are unable to submit a copy of a receipt or other contemporaneous documentation can still file a claim for reimbursement up to $50. Such claims will be paid at the sole discretion of the Claims Administrator, and the payments (capped at $50).

Deadline for submitting claims for Spark Plug Replacements performed on or after October 23, 2015 is 2/27/17

(Past) Deadline for submitting claims for Spark Plug Replacements performed before October 23, 2015 is 8/25/16


To File A claim Contact:

Renkim Corporation, Ford Spark Plug Claim Center

PO Box 1968, Southgate, 

MI 48195-0968.