Plastic Rice Imported From China

samantha severyn

The newest trend in China: Fake rice.

Fake rice is made of potatoes, sweet potatoes, and a synthetic resin (PLASTIC). As we all know, what we consume has a huge impact on our overall health, so it is no wonder that this news is shocking. As we collectively become more conscious of our environment and our food choices we try to avoid foods drenched in chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, and products that haven't been genetically modified to the extent where any nutritional value that may have been present is no longer there. On top of all of our health concerns from deliberately being poisoned by the only foods available to us, now we can add synthetic material being passed off as digestible foods to our list.

How to check if you have plastic rice:

  1. Check if your rice sinks in water. Put a tablespoon of rice in a glass of water. If your rice floats, you've got the fake stuff.
  2. Do not eat the rice if you notice a thick layer on the surface when you boil it.
  3. The fungus test can give you a hand on this one too. Cook a cup of rice, transfer it to a container, and leave it on your counter. Check your rice in a few days. If you see mold, the rice is organic and all-natural. If it still has no mold, you have just cooked a cup of plastic rice.

Suspicions of China importing plastic rice mixed in with real rice and covered with a fresh grain fragrance has been rumored for many years, however, it wasn’t until now that our society is coming to internalize this “hard to swallow” news.