Powdered Gloves Banned By FDA

samantha severyn

On December 16, 2016, for the second time in recorded history, the Food and Drug Administration has banned a medical device, which will take effect January 19, 2017, on powdered medical gloves. The first ban, on prosthetic hair fibers, was in 1983.

After decades of their use, powdered gloves are now banned by the FDA due to health hazards. According to the FDA, health hazards include severe allergic reactions, severe associated inflammation, as well as a medical condition in which a band of scar tissue forms between people’s organs after surgery.

"While medical gloves play a significant role in protecting patients, health care providers, and other individuals in close proximity, powdered gloves are very dangerous for a variety of reasons," the FDA said in a statement.

Today's state-of-the-art medical gloves include non-powdered alternatives that provide all the benefits of powdered gloves, without the same risks, the agency said.