Google Has Years Worth of Recorded Audio and Search History. Delete Today!

samantha severyn

The infamous Google Search Engine has evidently been recording and saving years worth of personal conversations through your electronic devices. The eerie truth is that you can view and listen to your personal, private conversations through your own personal Google history page. 

It’s estimated that Google processes over 40,000 search queries every second of the day, which is equal to 3.5 billion searches per day. That’s 3.5 billion saved recorded personal conversations and searches in a single day alone! Google claims that none of the information is used against an individual, but is collecting this very personal recorded history to predict future trends and most certainly influence social trends. There have been speculations through the years just how influential Google is upon society and, most importantly, who their partners are! After all, we don’t want people behind black screens pushing any agenda on us, right?  

One upside to this disturbing news is that you can turn it off and delete it… and you can also consider using the newest up and coming search engine that not only donates revenue from every single search towards a tree planted on our Earth, but it provides receipt evidence of their monthly donations and partnership receipts! Ecosia Search engine is revolutionizing how we search the web. I have already helped to plant 25 trees through my searches! Check out Ecosia today!

How to Delete Google's recorded history of you? Follow the links below to delete all you find, then disable the function!

1)    Delete everything by pressing the ‘more” button, select “delete options” and then “advanced” and click through.

2)    Disable the function by turning off the virtual assistant and the voice search. 


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