The new 'TraffickCam' App Will Stop Sex Traffickers In their Steps!

samantha severyn

A new revolutionary FREE app, TraffickCam, is available to you in your app store! This app allows you to help identify trafficked children by taking a photo of your hotel/motel room to potentially be matched up to existing pictures of children trafficked in a database. This can help law enforcement identify the location of missing children.

Developed by Abby Stylianou, a Washington University Researcher, she claims it is as easy as entering in the hotel you are at, the room number, and uploading 4 photos of the interior. This would take you just a couple minutes to do and could possibly help a child escape the horrid fate they have in store for them.

Photos of sex trafficked children are swarming the internet, and the internet has only made it that much easier for these perverse humans to acts on their desires. "Right now there are pictures posted every day. Hundreds of pictures, in every city around the United States, posted online, that show victims of trafficking, in hotel rooms posed on beds," Stylianou said.

It’s time for us to take back the safety of the internet and use the internet against these traffickers! Over 1.5 million photos of hotel rooms from around the world have already been submitted and matched to existing child sex trafficked photos circulating the web.  


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