What's in your Tuna?

samantha severyn

Chicken of the Sea gets failing grades for its destructive fishing practices, but the company could be the first major U.S. tuna brand to move the industry in a better direction” –Greenpeace.org

Chicken of the Sea is owned by Sea Food giant Thai Union, the largest tuna company in the world! In an effort to maximize profits, Thai Union, among other Tuna Distributers have engaged in unethical work practices, specifically destructive fishing practices. Destructive fishing practices including overfishing while capturing and killing thousands of other untargeted sea creatures, such as turtles. However, Thai Union wants to make a change. In response to GreenPeace’s global campaign, Thai Union is exploring different methods of catching targeted species while leaving others unharmed. Sign GreenPeaces petition here to help Chicken of the Sea commit to sell only Tuna that was responsibly caught. 

A sample message includes: “I’m calling on Chicken of the Sea to lead in the U.S. tuna market. As Thai Union’s largest brand, your actions will help to move the global seafood industry in a more positive direction that respects workers and the oceans.”

"Chicken of the Sea must:

  • Show how it will provide 100% responsibly-caught products.
  • Demonstrate that its responsibility standards are being met across all supply chains.
  • Stop sourcing its tuna from destructive fishing methods that needlessly kill vulnerable marine life.
  • Embrace transparency by showing customers how and where its tuna is caught.
  • Stop sourcing from vessels that transship at sea, as this practice is often associated with illegal fishing and human rights abuses."


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