Yellowstone Locals Have Spotted the 'Snow Tesla'!

samantha severyn

It is safe to say that everyone was a bit disappointed when 2015 came around and the Hoover-board (like the one featured in Back to the Future) had not hit the markets yet and the ones in trial weren’t what they were all cracked up to be.  Just two years later something equally just as cool may be on its way to the market and Montana’s Yellowstone National Forestry service will be the first to benefit from the new ‘Snow Tesla’!

Could this be the newest revolutionary way of travel in snowy regions? Many communities around Yellowstone National Park as well as Park Service officials have been scantly sharing details of a “secret project” to bring new snowmobiles to the park by the end of 2017.

Numerous sightings have detailed similar eye witness accounts stating a “super-sled” or “hovercraft” has been tested in the area for many months, it has been dubbed by the locals as the “Snow Tesla”.

Local Terrence Rovak, a guide with Honey Bear Tours of West Yellowstone stated, “It’s spooky. I was standing along the road taking pictures of the lake when I heard a weird ‘whoosh’. It was two guys in white on weird, beefy-looking sleds, but there was no engine sound at all, just the sound of them sliding along the snow.”

For many years developing a powerful long lasting durable battery for the extreme winter conditions has been complicated and unsuccessful. A Tech Industry analyst, Casper Korvich, stated that Yellowstone’s Snow Tesla Project appears to be ran by Elon Musk, the product architect of Tesla and the founder and CEO of SpaceX who recently made history by re-launching and successfully landing a previous used rocket.

According to Shalayne Sperry, moderator of a private Internet forum who have been tracking the details of Snow Tesla, an offshore subsidiary of Tesla has leased property between Cody, Wyo. and the park’s entrance. In addition, she claims a private plane registered to SpaceX was seen twice over the winter of 2016 at the Yellowstone Regional Airport in Cody.

Yellowstone’s spokesman, Stan Thatch, said he could not comment on these rumors. “What I can tell you is that the Park Service has long had an interest in any over-snow vehicle that is cleaner and quieter than what we have had in the past,” Thatch said.

But not everyone is excited or anxious for the unveiling… Wyoming Representative Teetrick Huddleton said, “Here we go again, with another pig-in-a-poke project from the federal government. How many millions are we spending in secret to make an electric snowmobile that nobody wants? And how much will this new ‘best-available technology’ cost small business owners to upgrade to when it’s required?”

While there are opposing opinions on the project, many are also skeptical of Musk himself. The South African-born Canadian-American businessman and inventor has been called a “goofy weirdo” by Wyoming Rep Huddleton. Others have questioned why he would waste his time building an electric snowmobile while he engages in many other major pursuits. However, Korvich, the tech analyst, is a bit more optimistic stating, “We’ve seen this from Musk before, and I suspect whatever he’s doing here fits into the larger picture. Musk is using technologies from his space, solar and auto efforts to further his big goals, like colonizing Mars. It’s likely the same with this snowmobile. He’s a master marketer and promoter, and I can’t think of a better way to get free publicity than attaching a project like this to Yellowstone.”

Only time will tell what it is being manufactured and tested in Yellowstone’s Mountains by mysterious men in all white outfits. My fingers are crossed for the ultimate hover board we have all been waiting on!


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