Stephanie LairComment

Dear Pirl Consumers, Members, and Followers,

It is with a heavy heart I have to write this, however - and as always - I want to be upfront and honest with all of the Pirl community.

Recently, we at the group of entities Pirl, Inc. and Sysdisrupt ----  who advocate free of charge for consumers ---- terminated contractor agreements with 3 contractors for cause and yesterday we ended our agreement with the person contracted to shape this company’s operations and assist us in taking us to the level of compliance detail we needed – he failed in that engagement.

Out of the hundreds upon hundreds of people and businesses we have engaged with over the years there has not ever been any consumer complaint against us in 10 years. Within this society is a recent emergence of negative and evil discourse – and I flat out will not participate in it.

Sadly, these people have engaged in stalking, making false statements, posting naked pictures of me online, various false claims, interference in our contractual relationships, etc…. (these are women, engaged in revenge porn against a woman? Really?)

Those three people/entities, and with the termination of the Operations Officer - are now challenging us with a fake narrative and false statements – in the light of transparency - we welcome any challenge to our conduct here from any official source.

We have filed our litigations against the offenders in the public eye - in a Court of Law, they will have every chance to defend themselves with facts – I will update this as I know more.

Anyone may write to me, the owner, Stephanie@Mypirl.com for a real interaction, on real thoughts & questions with a real response.

The internet can give people a voice, sometimes bad voices get in the way of good work – this is not a time for innuendo, falsity or rumor – it is a distraction to our work to get help out to you, the Consumer.




Pirl, Inc.