Walmarts Welspun 100% Egyptian Cotton Linens Fake

samantha severyn

Wal-Mart was sued in November 2016 on behalf of consumers who said the world’s largest retailer sold products falsely labeled “100% Egyptian Cotton” on their linens. According to the complaint, Wal-Mart questioned the fiber content of Welspun India’s products as early as 2008 but waited until September of 2016 to halt sales of its mislabeled Egyptian cotton bed linens, only after the company came up to question in the public's eyes.

Walmart is accused of Violating U.S. laws governing textile fiber labeling and advertising.The lawsuit is seeking damages for everyone who has bought bed linens at Wal-Mart made by Welspun and labeled “100% Egyptian Cotton.”

Other U.S. retailers including Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and J.C. Penny’s have begun reviewing their Welspun “100% Egyptian Cotton” linens as well.

If you have bought Welspun linens from Walmart or any other listed retailers, please contact Pirl at info@mypirl.com for more information.