Quaker Oats "100% Natural Whole Grain" Misrepresentation

samantha severyn

Have you or your loved ones enjoyed Quaker oats as a wholesome “old Fashioned” breakfast believing it was the healthiest choice? Quaker's marketing ploys and labeling misrepresentation are now being questioned by the consumers in California and New York.

Quaker Oaks was recently hit with a lawsuit from consumers in New York and California with allegations that the oatmeal contains traces of the pesticide glyphosate. The lawsuit was filed after the plaintiffs analyzed the contents of Quaker oats through a sophisticated technique called liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry, which is commonly used in medical and chemical labs for drug research.  The Quaker Oats 1-minute oatmeal pack was found to have ‘legal’ amounts of the pesticide but having the pesticide in their oatmeal at all and then advertising as being “100% Natural” is a huge misrepresentation.

In response, the company states that any trace amounts of chemical residue in their oatmeal is from the farming process and given they are at the safe required levels are “safe for human consumption”.

Developed in 1974, Glyphosate is the active ingredient in many pesticides used for mass produced crops worldwide. However, the health effects/risks weren’t recognized by the World Health Organization until 2015, when they finally classified it as a “probable” cause of cancer. Research over the years has prevailed time and time again that this chemical causes dysfunction in the thyroid hormone function, alters serotonin levels contributing to attention disorders, mood disorders, appetite and sleep disorders, and causes birth defects.

Oats are typically a hardy grain to grow and have a natural pest resistance in their genes making them less prone to needing as many pesticides as other grains may. That is why it is disappointing to find trace amounts of glyphosate in the Quaker products.

Name of the lead plaintiffs’ lawyer: Kim Richman of the Richman Law Group.


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