E-Cigarette Lawsuits

samantha severyn

The dangerous effects of e-cigarettes were discussed in Pirls editorial "Are E-Cigs Causing Popcorn Lung?” in December 2016, ranging from the e-cigarette devices exploding contributing to severe fire and chemical burns to the face, tongue, mouth, hands, and fingers, to the long-term irreversible effects of popcorn lung. 

The lack of warning of these dangerous adverse side effects and the FDA’s lack of regulating the product until 2016 has led to thousands of complaints and a handful of lawsuits that have already been won including the $1.9 million lawsuit against VapCig in 2015. 

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Thousands of individuals have suffered burns from these devices and in the near future, we will see how many have been affected by popcorn lung. Don’t let it be you! Contact Pirl today at info@mypirl.com