Ignition Interlock Device Problems

Stephanie Lair


Hey, Coloradans! Have you incurred additional costs/fees due to your ignition interlock device not working properly? Contact us at info@mypirl.com and tell us your story.


Colorado is one of the leading states in DUI arrests and severity of sentencing – as well as installed ignition interlock devices.

We all know that being on the receiving end of a DUI arrest is embarrassing, nerve-wracking and EXPENSIVE - bonding out of jail, attorney’s fees, court costs, and last but not least the costs of retaining your driving privileges. After completing a mountain of paperwork, a consumer will be given a list of Colorado approved ignition interlock providers. Having this device installed in your vehicle includes the process of going to a state DMV website, searching for approved vendors, contacting them, and setting an installation appointment – followed by paying the installation and/or pre-paid months of service.

But what happens if the state approved interlock device is defective – or not up to par?

Inaccurate readings leading to recorded violations, retests required by the device at times of use, refusals, and even a dead car battery can lead to further costs to the consumer.


Being arrested for a DUI is never good, but having to pay extra fees while being in compliance is even worse.