Was "As Seen on TV"s Hydro Mousse Not What You Had Hoped For?

samantha severyn

Pirl is currently researching “As Seen on TV”s Hydro Mousse for its effectiveness as advertised. Hydro Mousse is a hydroseeding mixture that claims to make seeding your lawn as easy as watering it. However, according to many consumer reports Hydro Mousse is ineffective and did not provide the professional lawn results as promised. In fact, Amazon Reviews shows an average 1.5 out of 5 stars for this product. In an Amazon Consumer review by Vincent Baker, he stated, “Complete waste of time and money. Was not even close to as advertised. The product advertises and thick consistency much like the professional tackifier products I have used. This is an inconsistent sloppy mess that runs off and does not evenly coat seeds. The product info also leads you to believe you just spray on bare ground. The instructions included clearly state the soil must be prepared.”


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