Attention Bozeman, MT Audi Drivers

Stephanie Lair

Did you know that if a mechanic intentionally damages your car to increase your bill and that amounted to $1,500 or more it’s a felony?

That is what one Bozeman mother alleges happened to her when she brought her 2001 Allroad Quattro to Bozeman Audi for repairs. After being verbally assaulted (in front of her young child) by the mechanic, she left with her car, drove it the one mile to her home, only to find that not only was the problem not fixed, but other damage had been done to her vehicle.

After another tow to a different, and longtime Bozeman trusted service shop, Straightaway Motors, the mechanic confirmed her fears that the Audi technician had a reputation for this kind of misconduct.

Bozeman Audi’s “Vehicle Care Commitment” to customers is “peace of mind”. What kind of peace of mind did they give to this young mother who only wanted a working car for the $1900 service bill she had to pay? What kind of peace of mind did Bozeman Audi give her while the mechanic yelled at her, complained of the space her car (which she was paying them to fix) was taking up in the shop, and threatening to have it towed into the middle of the street? And what kind of peace of mind did the General Manager at Bozeman Audi give her when he refused to work towards a solution with her?

And the clincher?? On recent interviews with the service department, the offending service technician is no longer employed at Bozeman Audi……… So there’s your peace of mind?

Have you had issues with Bozeman Audi’s service center? Let us know at info@mypirl.com or call (650) 762-8545. It’s time for this business to be held accountable for their misconduct!