Trupanion Pet Insurance Texts?

Stephanie LairComment

We all love our pets.  And, because we love them, we take them to the vet for check-ups, shots, teeth cleanings, and—unfortunately—when they are sick or injured.  Some of us even opt for pet insurance to help with the costs.  

However, there is a pet insurance company out there potentially breaking federal law by sending you sales texts following a visit to any one of their partnered veterinary clinics.

Trupanion is a national pet insurance company that partners with animal-care clinics and hospitals to market and sell their pet-insurance plans.  They may be using the personal information you provide your vet to try to sell you one of their plans—even when you didn’t ask for it or consent to being contacted.

Your vet did a great job taking care of your pet, shouldn’t a pet insurance company do the same for you?

If you received any texts from Trupanion trying to sell you insurance for your pet, you may be entitled to a cash award.

We want to hear about YOUR experience with pet-insurance sales texts—please contact us today!

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