Spam Callers Newest Trick - Neighbor Spoofing !

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Have you experienced an excessive number of telemarketer/ credit/collection/robo calls in recent months? Are the numbers calling you reflecting an area code identical to your own (e.g. 406)? Have you tried calling back and received a “disconnected” message or worse an innocent individual confused on the other end because they had not called?

A new telephone system has been designed so that a caller can replace their phone number with a fake. This is called callerID spoofing (aka neighbor spoofing or NPA-NXX spoofing) and scammers/spammers do it in hopes of tricking you into answering a trusted 'local' call. Neighbor spoofing uses auto-dialing and VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) services to send unsolicited phone calls. These calls have an outgoing Caller ID that closely matches your area code and phone number.

Neighbor spoofing is not only illegal, it also threatens the security of everyone’s personal information. One goal is to poison the spam blacklists. By causing the addition of millions of legitimate numbers to the blacklist, the direction of the spammers is to eventually destroy blacklisting as a viable approach to dealing with spam.

Some unscrupulous companies are now utilizing this new system and harassing endless amounts of individuals.


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