Is Suave Misrepresenting their 'Naturals' Product Line?

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Unilever’s Suave Naturals line of personal products are advertised as being all-natural, but we believe the product is falsely labeled and deceptively marketed to trick consumers into thinking they contain all-natural ingredients, when in fact they include ingredients that can’t reasonably be considered natural or safe. 

Some of the more serious synthetic ingredients contained in Suave naturals are sodium laureth sulfate, tetrasodium EDTA, methylisothiazolinone, and methylchloroisothiazolinone. According to lawsuit against Unilevers, that was dismissed earlier this year, the synthetic ingredients are not mere 'trace' ingredients. Following water, the harmful synthetic ingredients comprised the overwhelming majority of Suave naturals products composition. 

To compensate for the chemical cocktail that makes up Suave’s products, other ingredients are listed on the label including floral extracts; and the packaging often has colorful floral “natural” images to evoke a natural scene. By emphasizing the idea of natural products with imagery and word play they are deceiving consumers into buying their products. 

Additionally, Suave lists an ingredient simply called “Fragrance”. While they are not required to list exactly what the ingredients are in this “Fragrance”, it is unsettling to know that there are unknown ingredients in a product. Consumers, especially those interested in buying “natural” products, expect to know what ingredients are in the product, and by declining to disclose what is in this ingredient, one can reasonably assume that it’s not made up of natural ingredients. 

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Because of this ingredient concoction, with some ingredients being completely unknown, consumers are experiencing extreme hair loss from a product and company they have long used and trusted. Specifically, Suave’s almond and shea butter shampoo and conditioner.

Unilever has failed to produce and deliver a product that accurately represents their advertisements. These allegations raise claims for fraud, breach of warranty, and violation of California and New York consumer protection laws. Not only have they falsely advertised this product but have produced one that is causing harm to consumers.

If you use Suave 'naturals' products, specifically the almond and she butter product line, please contact the Pirl team today! We want to hear your story and help!

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