Click2Gov Hack – Thousands of Bozeman, MT Residents Affected!

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July 1st, 2017 Bozeman’s online utility payment system, Click2Gov, was hacked for 4 months leaving well over 3,000 individuals private-sensitive information vulnerable. The exact number has not yet been determined. Superion, the company that hosts the system, did not notify the city of this data breach until a year later – earlier this month. 

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During the time of the hack many individuals contacted the city to inform them of the fraudulent activity occurring, however after the city hired a local computer forensics team (Lake Missoula Group) it was concluded that the city’s system was not to blame. It was not until Superion hired their own firm to conduct an investigation on the breach that it was concluded that the city of Bozeman’s utility payment system was indeed hacked. 

This is the ninth time a breach on Superion’s Click2Gov system has occurred within the United States. 

According to Bozeman’s City Manager, Andrea Surratt, “We, as the city, are victims” and the company has “deployed the necessary patch” to fix the breach ensuring that the system is currently safe to use for online utility payments. In addition, the city’s spokeswoman, Melody Mileur, claimed the city has tried to contact as many individuals as possibly that they could identity as victims of the hack.

Although Superion has proven for its 9th time to be unsecure and faulty, the city has claimed it would cost millions to replace the system because it is the “backbone” of our city offering business license applications, renewals, and building permits. 

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