Auto Renewal Subscription Nightmare

Electronicssamantha severynComment

Signing up for online offers and free trials could haunt you for months – even years! 

Companies tend to make it very easy to sign up for their free trials or subscriptions, but almost impossible to stop. 

It reminds me of The Eagles 'Hotel California' Lyrics: 

“Relax,” said the night man

“we are programmed to receive

You can check out any time you like

But you can never leave!” 


Interesting enough there ARE laws in place to prevent this kind of crap from happening to us (the consumers). So why is it still happening? Well, because they’re breaking the law. 

That’s where Pirl steps in! 

We aren’t going to let this happen to you or any other unsuspecting visually-overstimulated individual ever again! 


If you have been a victim of reoccurring charges, contact us at (650) 762-8545 or fill out the form below and tell us about your experience. 

Let’s cancel that subscription once and for all!!!


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