Claim denied from Progressive insurance? were you deceived? bikers watch out! “save a bundle when you bundle”. it is not Really There For Bikers.

Stephanie LairComment

Progressive makes a lot of promises to bikers with their motorcycle insurance. But how well do they keep those promises? From our own personal experience - not very well.


In May 2019, one of our team members was in an accident with another biker in which his 2003 Heritage Softtail and his friend’s 1996 Road King were both totaled. Landing them both in the hospital - one with a hairline fracture in both his hip and jaw, a cracked tooth, staples on his skull, a severely sprained ankle and a whole lot of of road rash; his friend with a shattered hip and knee, broken femur, shattered wrist (required not one, not two, but THREE surgeries), a broken collar bone and broken ankle.

Has Progressive kept their promises of being America’s number one motorcycle insurer? Not for our team member and his friend.

Were their “claims reps available 24/7” keeping their promise of “never [leaving these two] alone” after the crash”? Nope.

Has “Progressive help[ed] keep [them] out there”? No, they have left them out to dry with the insurance stopping coverage as they both try to heal from their injuries, and get coverage for their totaled bikes.

Thanks Progressive for “being there” after this severe accident.

If you bought a “bundled” set of policies and were denied coverage, or delayed coverage, or if you’ve experienced sub-par coverage or just a lack of care from Progressive Motorcycle Insurance, fill out the form below!

Let’s let Flo know she can suck it.

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