2016 Honda Brake Failure

samantha severyn

The Honda company has already had its share of problems recently and this is yet another, requiring an immediate remedy. The parking brake, or related software, in 2016 Honda Civic models, may be failing, causing the vehicles to roll downhill. The Japanese automaker will begin issuing official recalls next month, and suggests taking your 2016 Honda Civic sedan or coupe to your local dealer for a free fix.

Honda’s website offers contact information for owners who have questions about affected vehicles: 

According to AutoGuide,” The software currently on the affected vehicles for the Vehicle Stability Assist Electronic Control Unit may prevent application of the EPB when it is applied immediately after turning the vehicle ignition off. If the EBP cannot be applied, the “BRAKE” warning indicator on the instrument panel will flash for 15 seconds to alert the driver. In addition, if the EPB isn’t properly set and a parking gear is not selected by the driver, the vehicle could potentially roll away, increasing the risk of a crash. Honda notes that the condition does not occur if the EPB is applied before turning off the vehicle ignition.”