National Turkey Recall!

Stephanie LairComment

The US Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service has issued a massive turkey recall due to Salmonella contamination. The CDC along with FSIS are currently investigating the source of the contamination and according to one report have found the same strain of turkey-related salmonella in 22 slaughtering facilities and seven processing plants.


On November 15, 2018 Jennie-O Turkey Store Sales, LLC of Barron, WI recalled approximately 147,276 pounds of raw ground turkey products after the USDA found that a sample of the products tested positive for the same salmonella strain.


The affected products were produced on September 11, 2018 and include:

·       1-lb. packages of “Jennie-O GROUND TURKEY 93% LEAN | 7% FAT” with “Use by” dates of 10/01/2018 and 10/02/2018.

·       1-lb. packages of “Jennie-O TACO SEASONED GROUND TURKEY” with a “Use by” date of 10/02/2018.

·       1-lb. packages of “Jennie-O GROUND TURKEY 85% LEAN | 15% FAT” with a “Use by” date of 10/02/2018.

·       1-lb. packages of “Jennie-O ITALIAN SEASONED GROUND TURKEY” with a “Use by” date of 10/02/2018.

·       1-lb. packages of “GROUND TURKEY 90% LEAN | 10% FAT” with a “Use by” date of 10/02/2018.


The recalled products have establishment number “P-190” inside the USDA mark of inspections and were shipped to retail locations nationwide.


So far, at least 164 people in 35 states have gotten sick, with 63 of those requiring hospitalization, and one person in California has died due to the salmonella outbreak.


As the CDC continues its investigation to find the turkey at the center of the outbreak, the agency stated that there doesn’t appear to be one centralized distributer meaning that this could be widespread throughout the turkey industry.


FSIS advises that all consumers practice safe food preparation including cooking raw poultry to at least 165°F, food handling, and storage.


Keep your family safe! 

·       Clean—Wash hands and surfaces often.

·       Separate—Separate raw meat from other foods.

·       Cook—Cook to the right temperature.

·       Chill—Refrigerate food promptly.


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