Ford Recalls Over Half a Million Fusion and Escape Vehicles!

samantha severyn

Ford has issued a recall of 550,000 Fusion and Escape vehicles due to rollaway concerns - specifically in 2013-2016 Ford Fusion sedans and 2013-2014 Ford Escape SUV’s.

According to Ford, a part connected to these vehicle’s transmission where a bushing is responsible for holding the car’s shifter cable in place can detach causing different gears to register. For example, you might put your vehicle in Park, and the dashboard would show Park, but the vehicle would still be in gear. Clearly, this presents a major safety issue, as unintended vehicle movement can cause harm to the car, a structure it's parked in or occupants or bystanders.

Drivers who own one of the recalled Ford vehicles can remedy the issue by having their shifter cable bushing replaced at a Ford dealership. If you can’t get a replacement right away, Ford advises drivers to use the parking brake whenever they park their vehicle to help ensure it does not move. 

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