Syfrett Feed Co. Ordered By The FDA to Pull Their Products!

samantha severyn

The First week of May 2017, A Florida animal feed company was ordered by the FDA to pull their products from the shelves for false labeling and adulteration. The Syfrett Feed Company manufactures medicated feed, horse pellet food, that led to the euthanization of 16 horses in 2014 alone. Syfrett Feed, based in South Florida, manufactured an average of 69,000 tons of feed a year for cows, pigs, poultry and other animals. According to the complaint, 70 percent of its feeds were medicated yet the company failed to list the active drug, omit dosage instructions and neglected warning labels. This is a clear win for the FDA, Syfrett Feed was ordered to allow unannounced inspections and lab testing of its products, along with reimbursing the FDA for their time and expenses.

“We are glad this case is resolved and look forward to FDA’s inspection and having this matter behind us,” said John Dillard, attorney for Syfrett Feed and the individual defendants. “We remain committed to providing high quality and safe feeds for our customers.”


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