Spotify Ends Songwriter Royalties dispute by paying $43M

samantha severyn

In two lawsuits claiming Spotify failed to pay royalties to thousands of songwriters, a settlement was reached for $43 Million.

The lawsuits claimed Spotify chose “systematic and willful copyright infringement” instead of paying dues to those that deserved it, such as the songwriters and publishers.

According to David Lowery, a songwriter and artist advocate who brought on the first of the two lawsuits against Spotify, “This is the first time that songwriters, not one of the industry organizations, have successfully mounted a sort of corrective measure against the streaming services over this unlicensed use of their work.”

Spotify refuses to comment.

The settlement calls for the formation of a committee, a Copyright Data Sharing Committee, that would include voluntary approved participation of several mainstream music industry groups. According to the settlement, the "purpose of this committee will be to discuss sharing of catalog data in order to facilitate mechanical licensing.”


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