Honest Co Settled in ANOTHER Lawsuit for Representing their Chemical Products as Natural

samantha severyn

In a second lawsuit against Jessica Albas Honest Co. for selling products containing harsh chemicals labeled as natural, a $7.35 million fund to compensate disappointed misled customers. Honest Co. has been labeled as a fraud after labeling dozens of home and personal care products as natural, plant-based, or chemical-free. From floor cleaners to children’s toothpaste, Honest Co. products tested positive over and over again for synthetic and toxic ingredients.

Consumers have had enough of these individuals and collective entities cashing in on our hard earned money by lying to us!

Of course, Honest Co. denies any wrongdoing and smugly states, “This settlement in no way changes the fact that our marketing practices are entirely appropriate and we will continue to market products as 'natural.’”


If you were/are an Honest Co. product customer and feel that you have been duped and want your money back, check back with Pirl in the near future on how to file a claim!


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