Vitamix Blender Settlement

samantha severyn

Vitamix has agreed to settle a class action lawsuit alleging its high-end household and commercial blenders were defective and would leave traces of a toxic compound in their blended foods. The lawsuit claimed that the blenders would leave behind tiny particles of PTFE, a compound similar to Teflon, from the top seal of the blade assembly.

Class Members include residents of the U.S. or its territories who own a Vitamix household blender with a blade assembly dated on or after Jan. 1, 2007 but before Oct. 1, 2016.

Additionally, Class Members include commercial customers who purchased a Vitamix blender for business use on or after Sept. 15, 2015 but before Aug. 9, 2016, or before April 7, 2017 if the blender is from the XL product line; was never used in connection with a replacement seal; and was purchased through a third-party seller and not directly from Vita-Mix.

Class Members who own a Vitamix household blender can choose to receive either a free replacement blade assembly or a $70 gift card valid for a one-time purchase on the Vitamix website or at the Vitamix retail store in Solon, Ohio. The $70 gift card can only be used to purchase a new blender or a new container, and not on any other Vitamix products. Class Members who own multiple qualifying blenders can get a gift card worth $140.

Class Members who own a Vitamix commercial blender can receive a new replacement blade assembly, up to a maximum of two assemblies per commercial address.

Those who choose the replacement blade assembly will need to return their blenders to Vitamix for installation, at no cost to the Class Member.

Deadline to file a claim: 9/28/18

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