Volkswagen AG Fuel Economy Settlement

Stephanie LairComment

Volkswagen AG has agreed to a $96.5 million in a court settlement to compensate consumers affected by the company’s auto software overstated their real-world performance. The company will also loose greenhouse gas emissions credits and will lower fuel economy ratings on 98,000 affected vehicles by about one mile per gallon.


The software was installed on roughly one million 2013-2017 model year Audi, Bentley, Porsche and Volkswagen vehicles. According to the EPA, the software caused the transmission to shift gears in a manner that optimized fuel economy and greenhouse gases during EPA required emissions tests, but not under normal driving conditions.

Consumers eligible for a claim can expect $5.40 to $24.30 per month they owned or leased the vehicle. Settlement claims can be filed after a court signs off.

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