Hyundai Smart Trunk Defect

samantha severyn

When purchasers of Hyundai vehicles paid for the option of the magical “Smart Trunk”, allowing the owner to stand behind their vehicles with their fob, the trunk was supposed to open all the way allowing a person with hands full of objects to load their items into the trunk without fumbling for keys.

People started noticing that instead of opening fully, allowing entrance, the trunks would open very little – sometimes just an inch (barely enough to insert a finger) keeping them from easy entry. Owners had to be standing within 20-40 inches behind their vehicle for the radio relay to send a signal to open the trunk.

The plaintiff (Joshua Riaubia) took his defective Hyundai back to his dealer at least eight times to fix his problem, but the trunk was never satisfactorily fixed to advertised specifications. He was told by the dealership the trunk “opens as far as it is designed”.

Apparently, the Smart Trunk will only unlatch the trunk rather than open it as advertised. The plaintiff claims the reason he bought the car with the option was after seeing television advertisements and the fact his wife was having a baby shortly after purchase.

Models affected:  

  • The Smart Trunk as a standard feature on the “2015 Sonata (Sport, Limited, and Sport 2.0T);
  • 2015 Azera (all trims); 2015 Genesis (all trims);
  • 2016 Sonata (Limited, Sport 2.0T, and Limited 2.0T);
  • 2016 Azera (all trims);
  • 2016 Genesis (all trims);
  • 2017 Elantra (Eco and Limited);  
  • 2017 Sonata (Limited and Limited 2.0T)

In addition, the Smart Trunk was an extra option costing between $950 and $1,900 on the Hyundai 2015 Sonata (Eco), 2016 Sonata (Sport), 2017 Sonata (Sport), and the 2017 Elantra (SE).