samantha severyn

Safeway had a great idea years ago when they brought back the option of delivered groceries for their patrons. The best part of the deal was Safeway offered cheaper groceries for those who shopped them on-line. The problem was, the prices weren’t as cheap as advertised. This resulted in an enormous class action suit (Rodman vs Safeway Inc.), bringing an award of more than $41million to be shared by members of the class action.

However, Safeway has filed an appeal in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. This appeals process has delayed any payment of the money to those who joined the class action. 

Those people can continue to monitor the process through an email address: safewayclassaction@chimicles.com set-up by the attorneys representing members of the class action, and you are encouraged to do so.

In addition to this problem, there are now further complications to this original class action, dealing with what are termed “discovery sanctions” because of locating original information needed in the case, on an old hard-drive in one of Safeway’s marketing arm’s computer.

This entails a $516,000 additional award.

Still with us? Good. Essentially, the Judge in this case (Hon. Jon S. Tigar, Northern District of California) found that Safeway should have coughed up the necessary documents when the case was originally being heard. They didn’t, and he awarded the sanction, in this case, $516,484.

Now that both legal teams have this original info found on the old computer files, the appeal can go forward, and there appears a strong chance the plaintiffs, in this case, will prevail.

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