Newmar Motor Coaches Failed Warranties

TransportationStephanie Lair

According to a new lawsuit filed against Newmar Corporation and Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp., who sell and warranty high-end motorcoaches to consumers, the companies have failed to meet requirements as described in the written warranties. The case is brought by an Oregon man who bought a 2016 London Aire as a recreational vehicle for himself and his family. Unfortunately, what should have been a fun vehicle quickly turned into a nightmare with constant failures of the vehicles systems including but not limited to: failures of the radiator fan drive shaft assembly, air suspension issues, dash lights flashing intermittently when the headlights are on, failure of the windshield sun visor to operate properly, HWH slide failures, leveling jack failures, multiple electrical system failures, coolant leaks, overheating, fan clutch failures, various trim and fitment issues, and toilet water retention issues. Due to these failures, the London Aire recreational vehicle was taken to the repair shop at least 7 times totaling about 20 weeks of shop time.


According to the warranty, Oregon law, and the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, Newmar Corporation and Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp. are responsible for, at the very least, reimbursing the consumer for these repairs, or to buy the vehicle back from the consumer. They have done neither – leaving the consumer with massive repair bills and a non-functioning recreation vehicle.


These vehicles are not cheap – and one would expect a high-quality product and service to match the high price tag. Did you purchase a motor coach for recreational purposes but have spent more time driving to the shop than for recreation? Have the companies failed to live up to their end of the warranty? We want to talk to you. Call us at (650) 762-8545 or fill out a form below!


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