Nordtrom's Misleading Advertisement Sales

samantha severyn

February 16, 2017, Maureen Keating, an Alaskan resident (former San Francisco resident), started a lawsuit against Nordstrom’s on counts of fraud in federal court. Keating claims Nordstrom Inc., in both Alaska and San Francisco, had falsely and deceptively advertised sales that were not delivered as promised by the retailer. On multiple occasions, Keating claims she had been lured to Nordstrom’s stores by the promise of great deals, such as 40% off, only to disappointingly have to pay the full retail price, or at a lesser discounted price than advertised. Additionally, Keating claims Nordstrom misrepresented the savings of individual items that would regularly be bought as a package and failing to apply an offered discount for multiple purchases.

Keating claims Nordstrom’s actions constituted common-law fraud and violated California’s Unfair Competition Law.

Keating plans to represent consumers in both California and Alaska in her proposed class action complaint against Nordstrom’s.

If you purchased goods from a Nordstrom store which were advertised at discounted price, whether on the tag or through signage and did not receive it… you may be able to join Keating in this class action.


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