EOS Lip Balm Use Resulting in Rashes & Blisters Has led to Multiple Lawsuits

samantha severyn

Early 2016 multiple class action lawsuits were filed against EOS Products for failing to disclose to consumers that their products may cause serious adverse side effects including rashes, dryness, blistering, or infections.  

Late 2016 the plaintiffs in the lawsuits against EOS Lip Balm moved for preliminary approval of a proposed settlement to resolve the claims that EOS Lip Balm caused customers to suffer from adverse reactions resulting in expensive medical bills.  

As part of the proposed settlement, the following will be a monetary relief:

  • Class members who suffered an adverse reaction – such as rashes, dryness, blistering, or infection – may receive a payment of $75 for medical expenses;
  • Class members with a complaint on EOS’s complaint database may receive either an award of $15 or a mail-in rebate for $20 worth of EOS products; and
  • Class members who claim to have “extraordinary, verifiable medical expenses and/or verifiable consequential damages as a direct result of the use of EOS lip balm” may choose to have a jointly selected arbitrator hear their claims (the award is capped at $4,000).


Stay tuned for updates on how to file a claim!

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