Cosmetic Contact Lens Causing BLINDNESS

samantha severyn
Bella Contact Lenses.jpg

Texas woman is Now Legally Blind!! In February of 2016, a woman from Lubbock Texas purchased a pair of Bella non-corrective contact lenses from One Stop Contact Lenses booth at Sim’s National Flea Market. After three days of wearing her these contacts, she was rushed to the hospital due to burning and swelling of her eyes. She was given urgent treatment to wash her eyes and given a strict eye drop prescription. Her diagnosis was a bacterial infection caused by her use of Bella contact lenses. Her eye drop prescription was to be administered every 30 minutes 24 hours a day for 7 days straight with daily hospital visits for checkups. Too little too late as the bacteria had already permanently damaged her eyes. She now has ulcers and scar tissue in both of her eyes and is legally blind.

            According to the lawsuit, this all could have been avoided if Bella brand contact lenses had been properly manufactured and labeled. Also, manufactures and distributors are allegedly guilty of negligence due to their obvious knowledge of unsanitary manufacturing and packaging practices as they were warned by the FDA. Be that as it may, these ultimately destructive contact lenses were intentionally put to market with no modifications to their products as was recommended by the FDA.

            The defendants, in this case, is a long list. Everyone involved with sales of Bella Contact Lenses from the owner of Sim’s One Stop Contact Lenses booth to the importers in Georgia to the original manufactures in either Taiwan, Singapore, or South Korea.

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