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Charter Communications INC a nationwide internet provider and its subsidiary Spectrum Holding LLC have recently become defendants in a California-based class action lawsuit that seeks damages for numerous allegations of false advertising and deceptive practices.

            For years, and continuing through present day, Charter and Spectrum (formerly known as Time Warner Cable) have misled consumers through advertising campaigns, promising fast and reliable internet and downloading speeds for 6 to 8 devices at once! According to the complaint filed on March 28th, this is impossible because of outdated modems and routers that Charter and Spectrum lease to their customers. In particular, customers who were promised speeds of 20 megabits per second were leased modems and routers incapable of these speeds, and customers who paid for promised speeds of up to 300 megabits per second were also leased modems and routers incapable of achieving these speeds. Charter and Spectrum knowingly overcharged consumers for higher speeds all while knowing that their infrastructure also could not deliver on these promises. Charter and Spectrum have reaped financial windfalls without investing in infrastructure and related equipment necessary to deliver on these promises and have failed to modify any advertising campaigns to reflect the reality of what they can deliver. Charter and Spectrum have also allegedly included too many subscribers in the same service group and provided too few channels for such subscribers. This results in an “internet traffic jam” which slows every subscriber's speed (especially during peak hours) to well below what was paid for and promised.

            This class action has the potential to include millions of class members.  If you are a customer of Charter Communications INC, Spectrum Holding LLC, or Time Warner Cable, please contact us at info@mypirl.com today.