Taxes Gone Wrong by Jackson Hewitt

samantha severyn

Taxes – Ugh...

The scary, intimidating requirement for all consumers. Thankfully, there are companies here to help you sort through your financial documents – W2s, 1099s, etc. and get your taxes filed and submitted on time for usually a small fee.


As a consumer, you put your trust in the company preparing your taxes, you trust that the personal information you are providing the company is to only be used to file your taxes and (fingers crossed) receive a refund.

Did you use Jackson Hewitt to prepare your tax refund? If so, you may be interested to know that Jackson Hewitt has been sued for fraudulent practices against their customers.

According to a complaint filed April 17, 2017, by Luis Lomeli (individually and on behalf of a class similarly situated individuals), Jackson Hewitt “repeatedly and systematically violated” the trust of their customers to “fraudulently obtain thousands of dollars from the Internal Revenue Service” in their customers’ name(s).

How did they (allegedly) do this?

According to the complaint, Jackson Hewitt filed “doctored returns” not approved by their customers, charged and collected extra service fees for preparing the tax returns, enrolling customers in their “Assisted Refund” program without customers’ knowledge or consent, and issuing and collecting cashier’s checks for the fraudulent tax returns.


Did you trust Jackson Hewitt to file your tax return in the last five years?

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