Real Ham Bones for Dogs Are Deadly!

samantha severyn

Dynamic Pet Products Manufacturer of Real Ham Bones for Dogs has been hit with what could be a massive class action lawsuit. The complaint filed in United States District Court Southern District of California.

Real Ham Bones are marketed as chew toys and “safe for dogs”. However, as the complaint states, this 8-inch pig femur is brittle and prone to producing shards when dogs chew it. As a result, when dogs swallow these shards it has profound consequences. These shards lacerate the throat and digestive systems causing severe internal injuries and sometimes leading to death. Dynamic Pet Products has known of this defect since 2006. Yet, they still advertise and sell these bones as “meant to be chewed” and “safe for dogs”.

The complaint states that damages for consumers exceed 5 million dollars. Not surprising if you’ve ever received a bill from a veterinarian.

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