Lowes and Power Products LLC

samantha severyn

Lowes Home Centers and Power Products have just been hit with a products liability class action lawsuit over the alleged defects of an electrical hand tool called the Sperry MD- 210A multimeter. On April 30th, 2015 the lead plaintiff was using this meter on three phase electrical panel when he touched the leads to this panel the meter subsequently exploded in his hand.

As the complaint states at the time the meter was designed and manufactured, Defendants had developed and had access to numerous alternative designs that could inexpensively enhance and increase the meter’s safety. However, Power Products LLC did not incorporate any of these alternative designs into the Sperry DM-210A meter and Lowes continued to sell these meters in this dangerous state. Power Products knew or should have known that because of the defects inherent in the Sperry DM-210A meter, the public was in danger of being injured by electrical arc blast explosions, such as the one occurring in the incident at issue.

This case contains serious allegations and inherent safety risks. As if electrical workers don’t face enough every day, now Power Products and Lowes have knowingly increased the odds of a person being seriously injured on the job.

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