Samsung Phones are Overheating & Exploding AGAIN!

samantha severyn

Samsung has been hit with yet another class action lawsuit claiming that the battery in various Samsung devices causes them to explode. Just last year the Samsung Note 7 was under fire, literally and figuratively, and removed from the market for similar issues.

According to the complaint against Samsung, “Samsung manufactures and sells smartphones which pose a threat to the safety of consumers. These dangers made international headlines when numerous Samsung Note 7 devices exploded and burst into flames leading to a complete recall of the product. Samsung has yet to determine the cause of the problems with the Note 7, and continues to sell, market, and distribute other smartphones which are at risk of overheating, fire and explosion. Samsung recalled the Note 7 while leaving other dangerous products in the marketplace. Unfortunately, the problem is not limited to the Note 7.”

The lawsuit states that Samsung customers have been filing complaints about overheating and exploding devices since 2011, yet Samsung has not taken any necessary steps to remedy the problem.

While many suits have been filed in locations such as New York and California this specific Lawsuit is based out of Massachusetts. The plaintiff seeks to represent a Class of Massachusetts residents who purchased a Samsung S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+, S6 Active, S7, S7 Edge, S7 Active, and Note 5. The plaintiff alleges Samsung is in violation of Massachusetts consumer protection laws and was unjustly enriched by selling phones with overheating batteries.


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