NutriBullet Rx Slicing and Dicing - Fingers?

Safety, Defective ProductStephanie Lair

Easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to slice your fingers off!

According to a complaint filed May 3, 2017, and reports to SaferProducts.gov, the makers of the NutriBullet Rx “Nature’s Prescription Nutrient Extractor” knew of the safety issues associated with their over-priced blender and soup maker but continued to sell over 40 million units worldwide. These reports include lacerations to consumers’ hands and fingers, severed fingers, and burns resulting from hot contents exploding from the canisters.

The “hands-free Smart Technology” of this device might seem like a great feature – until the blades start spinning on the High-Torque Power Base without the canister attached to protect your hands and fingers.

We all get the importance of good nutrition, but at what cost? A finger? A hand? A severe burn? Don’t think so!!


Do you or someone you know use a NutriBullet Rx and have been injured by it in the last two years? If so contact us at info@mypirl.com immediately so we can help!